Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drop It Like It's Hot!

bad poet! ba-ad po-et! on the carpet, again!
why are poets so difficult to house train?

in his latest literary adventure, BAD SHiT!,
ryan fitzpatrick misuses Google as a text-generating device
to compose both raw & hilarious poems that explore, exploit
& explode contemporary popculture rhetoric.
now youre probably asking yourself,

how the deuce can i get my hands on a copy of this exquisite tome

& who the tommyknockers is this fitzpatrick fellow?

before you go scrounging in the nearest communal outhouse,
you may want to contact
to scoop your very own steaming pile of BAD SHiT!
or find ryan at
to beg for a copy, cuz theyre runsin out fast!
ryan fitzpatrick lives in Ogden, Alberta,
where he spends his days as a brave substitute teacher
& wastes his nights as a crime fighting poet.
BAD SHiT! daringly amasses the poems that didnt quite make it
into his first book-length collection of poetry, Fake Math,
forthcoming from snare books, spring 2007.
ISBN 978-0-9783004-0-1
poetry, 12 pp, 4.25x5.5, hand-stitched with 1 ply overlay
52 copies

price is by donation
& donation is by far the best way to see more titles from skinteeth

Saturday, February 3, 2007

skin's 1st online chapbook: Jonathan Ball's Archimedes!


by the skin of me teeth books has been official less than 12 hours &
it is proud to announce its first online chapbook!

take a sneak peek at one of skin's upcoming print publications:
read the Archimedes Chapter of Jonathan Ball's latest rout, pi.
this aleatory text uncovers the secret language of numbers
at work within arithmetic's most confounding
irrational & transcendental digit.

& to discover more about the mysterious Mr. Jonathan Ball,
visit his life in progress.

Announcing Yet Another Irrelevant Press!

welcome to the home of the wild west's newest insouciant press:

by the skin of me teeth books!

our inaugural release is Bad Shit! by the notorious ryan fitzpatrick.
this book regrettably amasses poems rejected from ryan's
debut collection, Fake Math, forthcoming from
Livres Snare Books.

look for it around calgary within the next few weeks, or email to pre-order your copy.
price by donation.

skin's next scheduled release will be Flatlands 25-35
by derek beaulieu. an absolute must for all mountaineers,
topographers, prairie settlers & other masochists.

by the skin of me teeth welcomes submissions from
neophyte & sourdough authors alike.
we will consider poetry, prose, art, & cookbooks
up to a maximum of 20 pages.
send submissions & a brief bio to