Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Ball in the Hand is Worth 2 in the Bush!

Some say he has a worldly sense of wit.

Others claim he has a wilty sense of words.

You decide.

Introducing Jonathan Ball's

Jonathan Ball's latest pair of chapbooks tests the possibilities of language. In his four line poem, The Present Paradox, Ball explores the subtle complexities of syntax & perception, as well as the ironic relationship between presence & absence. Archimedes, meanwhile, while reminiscent of Jon Paul Fiorentino's binary code sonnet, marries language & math for a linguistic interpretation of arithmetic's most infamous number: π.

Jonathan Ball is a writer & filmmaker & the editor of dANDelion magazine.

The Present Paradox
poetry, 4pp, 4.25x5, hand-stitched
price: by gracious donation

poetry, 4pp, 4.25x5, hand-stitched
price: by gracious donation

Friday, August 3, 2007


Is it a verb?
Is it a noun?
Is it a metaphor for metaphor itself?

Whatever it might be,
emily carr's S P R A W L is here!

In her latest collection, emily carr dissects the lyric poem by writing through a dictionary-inspired format. Selected from her full-length manuscript, If She Draws a Door (about the size & shape of a sparrow) Only She Can Pass Through It, these pieces unfurl the poetic narratives hidden within the multifarious meanings of single words. The piercing images and bare language of these poems beg the further elucidation of words within these outwardly-spiralling poetic definitions. carr effectively puts the raw in sprawl.

Of no relation to that infamous, miscreant painter, emily carr is a PhD student at the University of Calgary and a member of both the dANDdelion and filling Station editorial collectives. Recently relocated to Canada from North Carolina, emily has been published internationally across the US and UK in magazines such as Third Coast, the Exquisite Corpse, and Fire. Her writing explores subjectivity, lyric and erasure poetics.

Only A Few Still Available
ISBN: 978-0-9783004-2-5
poetry, 8pp, 4.25x5.5, hand-stitched
price: by gracious donation

to order, contact

And check out rob mclennan's review of skinteeth's first two chappies, ryan fitzpatrick's Bad Shit! and derek beaulieu's Flatland 25-35.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Landing in a Flat Near You!

There were skeptics!
There were cryptics!
There were even pictoscriptics!

Finally, derek beaulieu's highly-anticipated Flatland 25-35 three-Ds itself into existence!

In this excerpt from his book-length, visual interpretation of Edwin Abbott Abbott's widely-adapted, 1884 sci-fi/romantic novella, Flatland, derek beaulieu cartographs serrated letter patterns of the 2D page landscape. These carbonated images jig-jag in every direction, hinting at the hidden, dynamic processes of writing & the possibilities of undiscovered, readerly dimensions.

derek beaulieu is a pretty nice guy & the author of 3 books of poetry, with wax (Coach House, 2003), frogments from the fragpool with Gary Barwin (Mercury, 2005), & fractal economies (Talon, 2006), while he co-edited the anthology, shift & switch: new Canadian poetry, with Jason Christie & angela rawlings. His two latest projects are scheduled for catch & release this Fall (2007): a collection of chain visual poems (kite tail press) & the completed Flatland manuscript. Since 1997, he has worked as an editor at filling Station, dANDelion & endnote magazines. The archive for his small press housepress (1997-2004), a publisher of radical fiction & poetry, is now housed at Simon Fraser University in the Contemporary Literature Collection. His work has appeared internationally in journals, magazines & galleries. Sometimes, derek gets extra ornery when he's drunk.

Flatland 25-35
ISBN 978-0-9783004-1-8
visual poetry/graphic novel, 13pp, 4.25 x 5.5, hand-stitched

price by gracious donation
(something like four to eight bucks,
or all the loose change weighing down your pockets right now)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drop It Like It's Hot!

bad poet! ba-ad po-et! on the carpet, again!
why are poets so difficult to house train?

in his latest literary adventure, BAD SHiT!,
ryan fitzpatrick misuses Google as a text-generating device
to compose both raw & hilarious poems that explore, exploit
& explode contemporary popculture rhetoric.
now youre probably asking yourself,

how the deuce can i get my hands on a copy of this exquisite tome

& who the tommyknockers is this fitzpatrick fellow?

before you go scrounging in the nearest communal outhouse,
you may want to contact
to scoop your very own steaming pile of BAD SHiT!
or find ryan at
to beg for a copy, cuz theyre runsin out fast!
ryan fitzpatrick lives in Ogden, Alberta,
where he spends his days as a brave substitute teacher
& wastes his nights as a crime fighting poet.
BAD SHiT! daringly amasses the poems that didnt quite make it
into his first book-length collection of poetry, Fake Math,
forthcoming from snare books, spring 2007.
ISBN 978-0-9783004-0-1
poetry, 12 pp, 4.25x5.5, hand-stitched with 1 ply overlay
52 copies

price is by donation
& donation is by far the best way to see more titles from skinteeth

Saturday, February 3, 2007

skin's 1st online chapbook: Jonathan Ball's Archimedes!


by the skin of me teeth books has been official less than 12 hours &
it is proud to announce its first online chapbook!

take a sneak peek at one of skin's upcoming print publications:
read the Archimedes Chapter of Jonathan Ball's latest rout, pi.
this aleatory text uncovers the secret language of numbers
at work within arithmetic's most confounding
irrational & transcendental digit.

& to discover more about the mysterious Mr. Jonathan Ball,
visit his life in progress.

Announcing Yet Another Irrelevant Press!

welcome to the home of the wild west's newest insouciant press:

by the skin of me teeth books!

our inaugural release is Bad Shit! by the notorious ryan fitzpatrick.
this book regrettably amasses poems rejected from ryan's
debut collection, Fake Math, forthcoming from
Livres Snare Books.

look for it around calgary within the next few weeks, or email to pre-order your copy.
price by donation.

skin's next scheduled release will be Flatlands 25-35
by derek beaulieu. an absolute must for all mountaineers,
topographers, prairie settlers & other masochists.

by the skin of me teeth welcomes submissions from
neophyte & sourdough authors alike.
we will consider poetry, prose, art, & cookbooks
up to a maximum of 20 pages.
send submissions & a brief bio to