Monday, June 4, 2007

Landing in a Flat Near You!

There were skeptics!
There were cryptics!
There were even pictoscriptics!

Finally, derek beaulieu's highly-anticipated Flatland 25-35 three-Ds itself into existence!

In this excerpt from his book-length, visual interpretation of Edwin Abbott Abbott's widely-adapted, 1884 sci-fi/romantic novella, Flatland, derek beaulieu cartographs serrated letter patterns of the 2D page landscape. These carbonated images jig-jag in every direction, hinting at the hidden, dynamic processes of writing & the possibilities of undiscovered, readerly dimensions.

derek beaulieu is a pretty nice guy & the author of 3 books of poetry, with wax (Coach House, 2003), frogments from the fragpool with Gary Barwin (Mercury, 2005), & fractal economies (Talon, 2006), while he co-edited the anthology, shift & switch: new Canadian poetry, with Jason Christie & angela rawlings. His two latest projects are scheduled for catch & release this Fall (2007): a collection of chain visual poems (kite tail press) & the completed Flatland manuscript. Since 1997, he has worked as an editor at filling Station, dANDelion & endnote magazines. The archive for his small press housepress (1997-2004), a publisher of radical fiction & poetry, is now housed at Simon Fraser University in the Contemporary Literature Collection. His work has appeared internationally in journals, magazines & galleries. Sometimes, derek gets extra ornery when he's drunk.

Flatland 25-35
ISBN 978-0-9783004-1-8
visual poetry/graphic novel, 13pp, 4.25 x 5.5, hand-stitched

price by gracious donation
(something like four to eight bucks,
or all the loose change weighing down your pockets right now)

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