Thursday, August 14, 2008

fact-space has landed!
Grab your aluminum foil hats & hold on to your crystal radios because Ross Priddle's poetry will steal your mind and then blow it! In this fleeting collection of phrase collages, Priddle points out the humorous, the bizarre, and the downright wrong writings one might encounter on any given day in our present futuristic world of teleporting words and “quithink.” As you read, you’ll see how the “micro-movements” of “zen pixels” science-factually transforms you into either a “receiver of nothing” or an “infoglutton.”
barely available
poetry, 8pp, 4.25x5, hand-stitched
isbn: it's too good for that
price by donation or trade
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  1. yep, i still have a couple "barely available" copies left too!